Disk for
"Handbook of Image Processing Operators"

We - Kjell Oppermann and Wolfram J. Schimke - have developed a disk for the "Handbook of Image Processing Operators" by Reinhard Klette and Piero Zamperoni.

The disk includes the full source code in the C programming language (ANSI-C) of all operators described in the handbook and the source code for a command line interface for using the operators. The source code is accompanied by the executable program for DOS, some example images and the documentation as ASCII-text on the disk.

The disk is distributed by the publisher John Wiley & Sons, Ltd.
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Title: Schimke: Handbook of Image Processing Operators - disk
ISBN: 0 471 967 05X
Price: L24.95 (plus VAT)

Unfortunately the disk is out of stock. You may order the German edition directly with us by email. The only difference is the language of the accompanying documentation. The source code comments are always in English.

The Handbook was previously released in a German edition: "Handbuch der Operatoren für die Bildbearbeitung". The German disk is available directly from us.

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